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Many parents are thinking early learning is tough and needs alot of time and effort for child and parents. No way this to be true!

Early learning is nothing but play with your own child and many of you might say 'hey but we already doing it ! what's new about this?' Ha there is a 'secret' the games and play might be similar but slightly different from the basic play where child and parent just interact. Early learning opens up more child development perspectives.

Early learning is educating kids before the school age (6-7 y.o) includes reading, science etc.. but not until we go through the basics and all this in a game play manner, not forcing the child to do an activity that he/she doesn't like but we may try to reintroduce it in a different way and another day.

I had personally a lot of unclear moments during early learning education process and most of them i'll cover below

Q: What is the age we start one or other activity?

A: There are so many activities that I bumped into not been appropriate for the 'age'... my advice here, what i did was just postpone them for later simple as that.. try it in a couple or more months.
Though I'll be putting out a lot of activities printable that we do or did with my daughter and I'll diffidently point out more specific age span since 'toddler' age is 12 to 36 months old and believe me it's alot age difference even several months means tremendously how children understands the world and people around.


Q:When is best to start learning Colors ? 

A: Many early learning education courses encourage showing colors as early as possible since month one, explaining that through this the child learns about the world and blabla. Ha! ok but kids up to 6 months not able to see colors  and brain learns to distinguish them later not sooner then 1 year old, no matter how soon you teach them colors! I personally started it with my daughter from 11 months and only like at 20 months old there was some progress she could distinguish them but she names them all green even now at 21 month old though when ask to give me red ball she lifts the correct ball. It doesn't mean every child is going through same, maybe your child will learn it faster but I would not advice it to start it before 1 year old.

Q: Where to start if my child is a baby yet (below 1 year) ?

A: (1)Talking and reading! Yes is most recommended and definitely effective. There are alot of moms that don't realize the power of talking/reading. My child is some of kind of exception in the domain of listening to what I'm reading, I cannot make her listen to stories and short kids poetry she just can't concentrate yet and leaves room in the 1st 5 words read or tries to take the book from my hands.... it's a disaster! but she is more able to listen when i compose the stories or just talk looking at her and change voice. At 21 months old now she freely expresses her desires in a way or another and we can understand her speech about 90% as not all letters are pronounced we have to de-crypt ​but her vocabulary has been growing tremendously.

(2) Flash cards! There are several methods but definitely do not go with the text only format. Flashcards with images and text. Start with animals obviously, it has more chances to catch their attention and interest them. Try the several methods that are out there and see which one is best for your child. Stop showing the cards when your child attention is lost, don't try to interest him back, leave the cards for some hours and later on you can try again but start from where you left off not from the beginning.

(3) Playing together using toys and interacting. Start using toys and puppet a teddy or a doll or rolling a ball or a car and accompanying that with sounds, songs or talk about what is doing the car and how round are the wheels etc. By the way the shapes are much easier for kids to learn and it makes them distinguish objects as well. Using early learning toys is important as well and helps greatly the child in the early education progress! Matching wood/plastic shape or animals toys are one of the best options to start  once your baby is already sitting, but do not expect your 6 months old baby to start matching for real in the 1st month though. 












 Tips for every Mom

There are some standard baby milestones that are for guidance only! 

Babies learn so fast when on 1st glimpse some may say 'it takes forever to teach my baby do this or that!' 

Babies develop differently no need to stress upon your baby can't do stuff that other baby same age already does.

All parents love their children, yes we do but how often you show it and say it to your baby or even older children? It's very important in the early learning education and for psychological reasons as well to show your affection towards your child. Often daily hugs, gentle cheek kisses are golden for forming the parents bond with child. This makes your child feel more confident!

Even babies love to be listened to! Major key role in having your baby listen to what you have to say or just explain is learn to listen your child 1st. Later on It will give you direct answers and solutions to your child's concerns or issues. 

Tip nr.1 Baby milestones

Tip nr.2 Love, Hugs & Affection

Tip nr.3  Listen 

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